Womyn of Colour Network

Photo of a the 59 participants and facilitators from the 2016 Womyn of Colour Network Retreat arranged on a gravel ground in front of green trees.

The Womyn of Colour Retreat is an annual retreat hosted by the Womyn of Colour Network and the Margaret Sloss Women’s Center. The retreat creates a safe environment for individuals to explore their cultural identity, share experiences, and discuss what it means to be womyn of colour at Iowa State University.

Our goal is to expose students to the faculty and staff at Iowa State and to building a community of sisterhood among participants.  We also strive to engage retreat participants in critical self-reflection and explore ways to become successful while at Iowa State.  Participants will also able to re-energize through validation and nurturing of their identities, connection with mentors within their community, and connect with campus support networks. 

Register is closed. Applicants will be notified of participation by Thursday, September 7. 

We look forward to seeing you! If you have any questions, contact Som at smongtin@iastate.edu.