Lactation Locations


Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Motherhood is an amazing journey and as a mom who may be taking classes or working, you have some additional things to consider when returning to your education/career after the arrival of your child. Please feel free to utilize our resources by noting where our lactation areas are on campus. You may wish to read our sample letter to instructors/employers about the benefits of allowing workplace flexibility for nursing moms. We hope that your transition back to ISU is a positive experience for you and your family.

Click here to download a letter you can present to your employer. Letter for Nursing Mothers - UCCC 

Lactation Locations at Iowa State University

Several of the Lactation Locations listed below are located in the Lounge Space of Women's Restrooms. The Lactation Location within these areas is designated and private from the restroom area. Each location has an electricity outlet available for your use. You will find a "Lactation Mother at Work" Privacy sign for your use. The opposite of the sign explains that "This Space is Reserved" for use when the space is vacant. Ideally, a mother needing to use the Lactation Locations for expressing breast milk will feel comfortable and not have to ask others for the space.

Click here for a printable list of ISU Lactation Locations. 

*Denotes wheelchair accessible location
^Denotes sink in the rooms
* Atanasoff, Room 122
* Bessey Hall, Room 140

* Carver Hall, Room 027, East lower level

*^ Carver Hall, Room 127

College of Veterinary Medicine, Room 2615, Ground Floor  (East of Main Entrance)

*^ Cyclone Sports Complex, 1031, Concessions building

*Extension - 4-H Building, 1144

*General Services, Room 183A, Women's Lounge

*^ Hach Hall, Room 1243, Near east entrance

* Heady Hall, Room 365

Lagomarcino Hall, W0061. Please contact Heidi Heck in 1620A Lagomarcino for a key.

*^ Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center, Room 1718

Sloss House, second floor. Contact staff member at, 203 Sloss House, or 515-294-4154 to arrange for a location in the building.

Olson Building, Room 1327, Arrange with staff on 1st floor of Jacobsen building

*Parks Library, Room 61, Obtain key to room at the Circulation desk,‐spaces/physical‐access/diapers‐lactation‐room

*Pearson Hall, Room 3122, Women's Lounge

*Scheman Building, Room R0181A, Women's Lounge, First Floor

*Spedding Hall, Room 57

*^ Sukup Hall (ABE Complex), Room 0012A

*^ Troxel Hall, Room 1113

For additional information on the Lactation Locations at ISU contact:

Margaret Sloss Women's Center
203 Sloss House
(515) 294-4154

Lactation Resources for ISU Mothers

La Leche League of Ames

Suanne (515) 233-3927
May Kay (515) 663-8013
National Headquarters 1-800-525-3243

Mary Greeley Medical Center

Birthways Unit 515/239-2444 or 1-800-951-9222

Homeward Health Services 515/233-3927 or 1-800-529-4610

Breastfeeding National Network


Breast Feeding Information and Support